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Friday, May 11, 2018

Building Bridges May 2018

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Posted May 11
Commissioners of the NYS Parole Board (PDF) are responsible for determining whether incarcerated individuals should be granted their freedom after they have served their minimum sentences. To do this, they review records and documentation, and interview individuals during parole hearings to assess those individuals’ preparedness for release.

The Parole Board has been understaffed for years with only 13 out of 19 seats currently filled. This means that for each of the 12,000 cases they review every year, commissioners are spending mere minutes with every applicant. 

It is essential that the Parole Board is staffed with people who are deeply empathetic and who represent and reflect the identities of parole eligible people in prison. Are you interested? Can you recommend someone? Please email Michelle Lewin at

Building Bridges May 2018

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