Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Parole Profile: Joseph Rudd

Joseph Rudd is an exceptionally outstanding individual in need of support. Please read his own words below and take it into your heart to do what you can. Letters of support can be sent to:, as can requests for any further information.

Otisville Correctional Facility
POB 8 Otisville NY 10963

Personal Statement

I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I lived in the same home with my parents for 24 years until incarcerated in 1982 on a murder conviction which I take responsiblity for. Prior to incarceration I attended Catholic grammar school, obtained a GED and I worked for eight years with Local 32B union as a heating plant technician. My fiance and I of six years had a planned and scheduled wedding date.

Upon entering prison in 1983 I realized that in order to truly seek redemption my journey could not wait until I was released back into society. My personal path to redemption would have to begin to be paved right where I was. Through lots of soul searching and deep faith I have taken the steps to change my life around to enable me to make a positive transition back into society. While none of my prison accomplishments will ever compensate the tragic loss of life, which I am responsible and have deep remorse for, I am hoping they will however serve as an honest testimony to the sincere and positive changes in my life.

Volunteer Programs

22 years Alternative to Violence Project,USA, (AVP) Lead Training Facilitator, 20 years elected office for St. Pauls Holy Name Society at Greenhaven, in excess of 3000 hours of Community Service work in several counties, NYS Forest Ranger Training in fighting forest fires, 20 years Sick and Vigil Committee at Greenhaven, 3 years Altar Boy at St. Therese Chapel, 3 years Bible study course at Mid-Orange C.F., Aggression Replacement Training, Alcohol Substance Abuse Training,Compadres Helper Peer Counselor Program, AA, Therapeutic Training course, Legal Research Program, Yourth Assistance Program, 3 years Public Relations Officer for Governmental Educational Organization, founder of GEO sub-committee on Work release, 15 years in Privilege Honor Block Housing Unit.

Commendations Received

NYS Department of Corrections Commissioner Thomas Coughlin Certificate of Achievement, Certificates of Achievement from Greenhaven Superintendents, Charles Scully and Christopher Artuz, Letter of Commendation from Deputy Superintendent of Secutiy at Greenhaven, 90 signatures of Parole support from Greenhaven officers, sergeants, lieutenants, captain, the president treasureer and representative of the officers union, letter of achievement and support for parole from correction counselors, directors, coordinators of the veteran self help project, several priests, deacons, rabbis, Marist college and Stormville school teachers, Civilian Volunteers and facilitators spanning twenty four years.

Release Plans

As a lead-training facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project USA I plan to work with clergy, administrative services, community leaders, associations and organizations to recruit and train new AVP facilitators to do workshops in the communities, churches schools, shelters, youth centers, county jails, prisons and private corporations.

In closing I deeply regret the role I played in the death of another human being. There are no words that I can find or think of that could adequately express the deep shame, regret, sorrow and remorse that I feel daily. It is something I will live with for the rest of my life. I will never engage in such behavior in my life ever again. I will take every opportunity to do good by others and give back to society.